Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tiny Soulgasm...❤

Floating through dreamscapes in crafts undefined
Among symphonies of stardust weaving new rhymes
Once upon a missing time….….…


Poem ~ Peace...❤

Every day and throughout our whole lives
We carry within us our own Paradise

A pond of Joy to be freely reached
This place within is our own serene beach

Quiet your mind and rest on that shore
Breathe deeply and welcome the Peace
once more…


Poem ~ Life Lessons...❤

Our life’s lessons comes
In various forms
And always when least
We expect it

When basking in light
In love with our life
When we feel most safe and

Against the darkness
You thought left behind
And completely forgotten

It comes round again
Like an old ‘faithful friend’
whisper soft in your ear
‘How ‘bout


Tiny Soulgasm...❤

Whatever I’ll become can’t change what I already am
A spiritual Being and a very proud Mom…